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How To Turn Flat Daytime Hair To Nighttime Volume With Binky

How To Turn Flat Daytime Hair To Nighttime Volume With Binky

Looking to give your hair a lift? In this episode of Binky's Boutique the reality star shows you how to turn your flat daytime hair into voluminous hair - ready for a night on the town!

Products Used

  • Big Sexy Hair - Foot Pump Spray Mousse
  • THX - Curling Iron
  • Hair Comb
  • Tigi Catwalk - Your Highness Hairspray
  • Klorane - Oat Milk Gentle Dry Shampoo

Step 1: Apply Mousse

Spray some hair mousse into your hands and massage it into the roots of your hair, then throw your hair forwards and blow dry to give your hair natural body.

Step 2: Curl Your Hair

Take small pieces of hair, wrap them around the curling iron and hold it for a few seconds until you feel the heat coming through, then release the hair. Continue to curl the rest of your hair in the same way. Run your fingers through the curls as you go so they don't stay too tight.

Step 3: Backcomb The Hair

Take sections of your hair, lift them up, and comb the hair close to the roots down into the head. Continue in the same way moving around the head until your hair is as voluminous as you want it to be. Once you've finished backcombing, pat your hair down, then smooth it down with your comb.

Step 4: Apply Hairspray

Apply Tigi Catwalk hairspray to the hair to hold everything in place.

Step 5: Apply Dry Shampoo

Give the Klorane dry shampoo a shake, then spray on the roots of the hair and massage it in until you can't see it any more.