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How To Turn Off Outlook's E-Mail Notification Settings

How To Turn Off Outlook's E-Mail Notification Settings

60-65% of the e-mail we get is unnecessary, or irrelevant for us. So, we're getting distracted by someone else's priorities that pull us off what we're working on. Watch to find out how you can stop those distractions.

Step 1: Options

Once you've opened Outlook, move the cursor to the top of the screen. Click on "Tools".

Move down and select "Options". When this box pops up, move to the e-mail section and click on "E-mail Options". A box will show up.

Under "Message handling", click on "Advanced E-mail Options".

Finally, you're at the box where you can change the notification settings. Towards the middle, you'll see an area that says, "When new items arrive in my Inbox". This section gives you access to turn off all those distractions.

Step 2: Kill The Ding

If you're working in another application, and don't want to hear a ding every time you get new e-mail, click next to "Play a sound" to uncheck it.

Step 3: Kill The Mouse

If you're in another application, the mouse cursor is supposed to briefly turn into a little envelope.

If you don't want that alert, uncheck the "Briefly change the mouse cursor" line.

Step 4: Kill The Pop-up

When you get a new e-mail, a display called a "New Mail Desktop Alert" appears. This shows the e-mail's subject, sender, date/time and about 125 characters of the e-mail itself.

If all this info makes answering the e-mail irresistible, uncheck this box.

Step 5: Kill The Icon

The next option you have is to "Show an envelope icon in the notification area".

If your eyes are good enough to notice tiny little changes to your desktop, then you'll want to uncheck "Show an envelope icon in the notification area".

Click all the "OK's", and you're good to go.