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How To Turn Off Predictive Text

How To Turn Off Predictive Text

Have you experienced the annoyance of trying to text, but having predictive texts blocking what you wish to say? There is a way to change your phone settings so that predictive texts are no longer an issue. Please watch this video to learn how to turn off predictive texts on your phone.

I'll show you how to turn off predictive text on a mobile phone. Now, it is slightly different on different phones, but this is a very good generic example. You might want to turn off predictive texts because you're typing a name, the odd word in a language that doesn't learn to adjust the message it's in, or just because you don't like predictive text.

So, go into the messages menu in your phone. Go into write message, and then under options, there should be something that says input method. Go to the input method and "OK.

" The key here is understanding what it calls predictive text and what it calls open text. So, this phone calls predictive text smart ABC. Some phones might call it Zenia which is the company that makes it.

Other phones might call it T9 which is the technology that is sold. But, we don't want any of those. What you want is multitap abc.

That would be either in capital ABC or lowercase abc. I will choose lowercase on this, pick on, "OK." That means predictive text is turned off.

In general, it is different for different phones, but the method shows you how to turn off predictive text and if you go through the menus on your phone, I'm sure you will find exactly what I am doing. That is how to turn off predictive text. .