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How To Turn Off Your Gas Supply

How To Turn Off Your Gas Supply

Turn off your gas supply by first turning off all electrical appliances, ventilating your property and by locating the main gas meter. Pull the handle to turn off your gas supply.

Step 1: Extinguish all flames

Put out any cigarettes and don't light matches.
Do not use any electrical appliances as they may
create a spark. Check that the smell is not from an
unlit fire or cooker.

Step 2: Turn off gas appliances

Turn off all your gas appliances like your oven. And
make sure that all pilot lights are out.

Step 3: Ventilation

Open all windows and doors to reduce the chance
of a gas build up.

Step 4: Locate the gas meter and turn off the mains

If you still smell gas you need to locate the mains
and turn them off. The location can vary depending
on the type of building. Next to the meter is a pipe
with a handle on it. Here you can turn the gas supply to your house on and off. If the handle is in line with the pipe the gas supply is on. Turn the handle away from the pipe to turn the gas off. Your gas supply is now off. Now leave your property
and call the gas department and fire department.