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How To Turn On A Skateboard

How To Turn On A Skateboard

A professional skateboarder gives tips and teaches the two proper and effective ways of making a partial or full turn on a skateboard.

Hello, I'm Bryce Campbell, a sponsored skateboarder riding for Gravis and LCB, and I'm way down at LCB today to look at how to turn on a skateboard. It's a massively asked question, but very simple but gold. Once you learn it, you got it, you can use it everyday, for transport, for skating, for tricks, for ramp, whatever.

So looking at it, skateboard, it's got tracks, these tracks got rubbers in them so by applying pressure there, that moves down which will allow you to turn. So if you put the board flat on the ground, there's two different types of turning one being the direct pressure on either the in or outside rails of the board. By turning in this way will allow you to turn in towards your toe side and turning this way will allow you to turn into your heel side.

Now this style of turning is gradual and I wouldn't suggest it if you're needing to make quick turns, but for bobbling and weaving in between things is a good manner and depends on how tight your tracks are. The other style of turning is a more direct, quick, and responsive, and that is by applying pressure onto the back foot here, lifting it up and as you lift it up, turning your shoulders into the direction of where you want to go. Using your lead shoulder as your pointer or your marker of where you want to go.

So if we are going to turn into our toe side, which would be in this way, we are going to turn our shoulder this way as we turn our shoulder we lift up and hopefully the front of the board should follow us. Now likewise for turning the other way, for turning heel side. So it's all in the shoulders.

Your shoulders are going to make the first move and then the rest of the body should follow. And that is how you turn on a skateboard. Simple, effective, and very useful.