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How To Turn On Rollerblades

How To Turn On Rollerblades

Turning and changing directions while roller skating is a very challenging task. This video teaches how to successfully turn and change directions on roller skates in a simple and fun way! Learn these new tricks and impress your friends now!

In this video, I'm going to show you how to turn on rollerblades. I'm going to show you some basic techniques of going around corners, switching to go around to the right and to the left, and we're going to show you how to get around obstacles and pick up speed when going around corners. When you start off, you want to start nice and slowly.

Basically, the motion you're doing is you're crossing one foot over the other. If you get that going and your balance is fine, you'll be good. Basically, take your right foot, and bring it over your left and just keep this going in a circle motion, changing your weight between one foot and the other.

You almost want to try, and just walking on the spot with this without rolling too much, just so you can get your basic balance going. Once you get that going, you can put a little bit more of a stride into it. So, you just push off, push your legs, and as you get to a point of where you want to turn, just put that foot back over.

And that will be your basic technique on how to rollerblade in a circle. So, once you've got your basic going around in circles, and feel quite comfortable with that, you want to pick up the speed. So, when you're picking up the speed, the thing you've got to remember is your feet are going to move a lot faster and with a lot bigger strides.

Once you do that, you want to pick a bigger circle, and really push into the floor. Just keep it nice and steady, nice and flowing. And you'll find that you'll pick up speed, lean into it, and keep your body low.

Try not to lean too far forwards or too far backwards. And basically, just cross one foot over the top as in when you want to change to the point of your back foot can't go any further forwards. And you'll find yourself just automatically just turning and stepping over your foot.

Now, I'm going to show you how to change direction on rollerblades. Some people when changing directions prefer to use their heel or you can almost just use your whole foot. So, when you're changing, you can just turn your heel, or you might want to just turn inwards with the same heel, and you can change direction almost like you're stepping, or you're basically, if you're comfortable enough, just move both feet together.

And you'll find that wherever you go, you just lean into your feet, if you're going backwards or forwards. So, you'll be able to get around any obstacle you like.