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How To Turn Water Into Ice

How To Turn Water Into Ice

Turn Water Into Ice. Magician Christian Lee is going to show us how to turn water into ice in a matter of seconds! He doesn't use a freezer, just a bit of magic!

Step 1: You will need

  • a polystyrene or coloured plastic cup
  • some napkins or tissues
  • some water
  • and a few ice cubes
  • you might also need a little magic

Step 2: The trick

Tell your audience you are going to turn water into ice before their eyes. They may think you are a bit odd, but you'll show them. Pour some water into a cup. Blow on it twice. Then empty the contents of the cup to reveal the water has been transformed into ice!

Step 3: How it's done

What your audience doesn't know is that this is no ordinary empty cup. Before performing the trick, secretly stuff a couple of napkins in the bottom of the cup. Then add a few ice cubes. You must not show the contents of the cup to your audience or you will shatter the illusion. Keep it a secret.
Now you're ready to perform the trick. Hold the cup containing the napkins and ice upright or at an angle so that your audience can't see inside it. Pour a small amount of water into the cup saying you are going to turn it into ice. Blow into the cup as if you are freezing the water with your breath, like Superman in Superman 3. After a few seconds the napkins will have absorbed all the water. You can then tip the ice out from the cup without any water. Your stunned audience won't believe their eyes!