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How To Turn Your iPod On And Off

How To Turn Your iPod On And Off

VideoJug is here to show you how to turn your iPod on and off. Even though it doesn't have an on or off button, VideoJug shows you how to turn your iPod on, turn it to sleep, and even turn it off.

Step 1: Turn It On

Touch iPod anywhere on the click wheel.

Step 2: Turn It Off

You can put your iPod into "sleep mode" or turn it off to save battery life.

If you're done listening to music, press the Play/Pause button and your song will stop playing. In a few minutes, your iPod will go into sleep mode. When you wake your iPod, it will remember where you stopped and resume playing right where you left off.

After 36 hours your iPod goes into what is called “deep sleep” and will wake up on the Main Menu. Remember, after "deep sleep", it will not remember where you stopped, so you'll have to make a new selection.

To turn your iPod off completely, press and hold the Play/Pause button until your iPod shuts down.

Step 3: Hold Please

You can make sure your iPod doesn't get turned on accidentally by switching the hold button into the "on" position.

On the top of your iPod, move the hold button over until you see orange. To deactivate the hold button, simply move it back so the orange is no longer exposed.