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How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Star

How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like A Star

The perfect eyebrow is like the new size 0 - seemingly unattainable, unless you're a celebrity. Just how do celebs manage to get those pretty, shapely brows? They depend on someone like Beverly Hills makeup artist Bobbe Joy. Known as the "brow resuscitator", Bobbe will show you how to get luscious brows just like the celebrities!

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 brow wand
  • 1 cosmetic scissors
  • 1 slanted tip tweezers
  • 1 pointed tip tweezers
  • 1 eyebrow pencil
  • 1 highlighter pencil
  • 3 cotton swabs
  • 1 brow gel

Step 2: Shape Up

Most people's brows are good when they start out. But then they butcher them. Most people's brows are naturally arched. You need to work with what you have.

Determine your shape-round, softly angled, straight, or high-arched as a guide for shaping your brow.

Once you've decided on the shape, you can figure out where the head, the tail and the arch or your eyebrows should start and end for your face.

Step 3: Trim Up

Using your brow brush, comb upwards. Using your scissor, trim the tops of your brows hairs on an angle. Do it slowly and do it a little at a time. Brush again, then go back. This step is only applicable to ones with very long brow hairs. If your hairs are short and fall into a line in the shape of your brow, then do not trim.

Step 4: Guiding The Way

Using your eyebrow pencil, sketch in your desired brow shape as a template. This will allow you to see where not to tweeze. Any hairs outside of your desired shape need to be tweezed. For those with very thick hairs, don't worry, this is just a guide. For those with sparse hair, you can later blend your brow pencil and clean up.

Step 5: Know your tweezers

There are two different tweezers. First, use the slanted tip tweezers. Pull the skin taut and tweeze hair in the same direction as growth. Tweeze under your arch first. Then on top. Be careful not to tweeze too close to your hairline. Lastly tweeze the hairs between your brows. Don't over-tweeze here - just to the outside corners of your eyes. Keep your the heads of your brows rounded or square, not slanted over.

Step 6: Get To The Point

Using your pointed tweezers, go for the hard to get hairs. Be careful not to poke the tips of the tweezers into your skin.

Step 7: Fine Tune

For those with really thick brows, wipe off the brow pencil template to inspect your work. Trim or tweeze any stray hairs.

Step 8: Fill In The Blanks

But for anyone with sparse and uneven growth, a brow pencil comes in handy right here.

Starting at the head of your eyebrow, recognize the light or bald areas and fill in the gaps with your brow pencil. Keep the pressure light.

Gently follow your natural arch line. Don't draw the tail downwards but outwards. Make sure there is a gradual or minimal ascension from thick to thin.

Step 9: Brighten Up

Using your highlighter pencil, gently draw a single line directly under the brow line-but not into it. Then, using a cotton swab, blend the line side to side, not above into the brow or below into your lid.

This step will re-enforce the arch, the overall shape and adds an instant highlighting effect.

Step 10: Brush Up

Finish by brushing up your brow hair with brow gel. The effect, along with a good tweeze, will help lift your eye upwards.