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How To Twist Natural Hair

How To Twist Natural Hair

The natural hair twist is a simple, yet stylish option for those looking to accent their look, but not spend all day in the salon. Here's how to do it yourself.

Hi, and welcome to the Braiding Lounge Academy. My name is Lauralyn. We're going to be demonstrating some techniques on different hairstyles today on Afro hair and European hair.

I'm going to show you how to do a twist on natural hair. Basically, what you do is take a section of hair; you part it into two even sections. You then take the sections and begin to roll them in one hand while going over the other strand.

Carry on that movement all the way down to the end of the braid. At the end, to finish it off, you can just twiddle the bottom as you saw me do with my fingers. An easy tip for sectioning, the twist is to do one and then go up in a pyramid style, or in a Christmas tree order.

That way, you do not have any big gaps in the hair and it lays nice and even all over the head. And that's how you do a natural two-strand twist in natural hair.