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How To Type Currency Symbols

How To Type Currency Symbols

If you wanted to type the currency symbols using the computer keyboard with easy methods, watch the video. You can turn yourself into an expert in keyboard typing.

Today, we are here to show you how to type currency symbols when they are not shown on your keyboard. You may need to type a Euro or have dealings with the company in Japan and wanted to type the symbol for Yen. To give your documents a professional edge, you need to use the right currency symbols.

And to do this, you can either use a combination of case in conjunction with number row at top of your keyboard or you can use the Alt key in conjunction with series of numbers using numeric keypad. We will look at both methods and then it's up to you to decide. If you're in the middle of typing text and need to insert an amount in Euros, you will find it easier to use the number row.

To do this, ensure your cursor is at the point where the symbol is to appear. Then hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys which you will find in the bottom left of your keyboard and then press the number 4 in the number row. Alternatively, when working with figures, you may want to use the numeric keypad in order to insert Euro symbol.

Turn ON the num lock key. You will see a light appear to show that this is ON, then hold down the Alt key next to the space bar on your keyboard and type the numbers 0128. The euro should then appear on your screen.

Let's stay with the number pad but this time end to currency symbol Japanese Yen. Hold done the Alt key and then type the numbers 0165, release the Alt key and the Yen symbol will appear on the screen. So as you can see, when using this method, you will need to remember the series of numbers at a time.

Using the Alt key can be invaluable as it is unable to type a fast array of different currency symbols. There are many different shortcuts you can learn using a computer keyboard, but most timesaving of these is learning to type correctly. You can learn to type at Pitman Training Center near you. .