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How To Type Emoticons

How To Type Emoticons

The Pitman Training gives you useful tips on keyboard usage of a computer. Emoticon creation is given clearly and how to use the keyboard effectively.

Today, we are here to show how to type emoticons using your keyboard. Make sure your numeric key pad is active by pressing NUM LOCK key. Now press ALT and one and you will see a smiley face appear on the screen.

You can also press ALT and the number two to see a smiley face on screen. Alternatively, you can use punctuation symbols to create emoticons. Use the colon and the closing bracket.

Press and hold down the shift key and then press the colon then press the shift key again and press closing bracket for the smiley which you will find above the zero in the number row at the top of the keyboard. There are a whole variety of different emoticons which you can use when messaging on line. If you want to try a complete face for instance then you would use the colon symbol plus the opening bracket.

There are many different shortcuts you can learn using a computer keyboard but most time saving of these is to learning to type correctly. You can learn to type at Pitman Training Center near you. .