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How To Unblock A Sink

How To Unblock A Sink

A blocked sink or plug hole leads to slow draining water, and bad smells. Yet it's easy to unblock a sink, here's how to fix that blockage and get your sink working again

Step 1: You will need

  • sink plunger
  • cloth
  • pair of grippers
  • bowl
  • strong wire - a wire coat hanger will do
  • disinfectant

Step 2: Sink plunger

Plug the overflow with a damp cloth or something similar to stop air escaping, and put a little water in the sink. Push the plunger down over the plug holes and pump several times. The suction caused should remove the blockage and the water will easily drain away. Squirt a little disinfectant down the plug hole to finish the job off.

Step 3: The pipes

If the sink plunger didn't do the job you'll have to dismantle the pipes under the sink. Don't panic, this is easier than it looks. First put a bowl underneath to catch any dirty water first, or it'll end up on your floor. You will either have a U-bend, or a bottle shaped trap. With a U bend unscrew the retaining nuts at either end, with a bottle trap, unscrew the whole thing.

Once removed, use your fingers, or a piece of wire, to poke out any blockage in the pipes. Beware- not only does it look grim, but it will also stink. Rinse the pipes well to get rid of every last bit of dirt.

Step 4: Reassemble

Put the system back together, firmly tightening all nuts and chuck the dirty water down an outdoor drain. Lastly squirt a little disinfectant down the plughole to finish the job off. Another job well done.