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How To Unclog Ears

How To Unclog Ears

Many people think the best solution to clogged ears is a cotton swab, but the issue is more complicated than it seems, and it may not be earwax build-up at all. This video will help dispel myths and provide advice.

I'm going to talk to you about how to unclog your ears. Now, most people can sense in their ears when they feel quite blocked up with wax. Because either people feel pain, or they feel a little bit congested in their ears or sometimes, people actually feel they're not hearing properly on one side.

And a build-up of wax is a common cause of that. Now, the worst thing you can do to clog your ears is to use cotton buds. And I see this a lot in my GP surgery where people use cotton buds right inside the hole of their ear.

And they, actually, by putting the cotton bud into your ear canal, you're actually compacting all the wax up and pushing it harder and harder and you're not allowing it actually to come out as normal, and when I see people who have very bad wax build-up in their ears, they're often the people who are daily putting cotton buds in their ears. Please don't use cotton buds inside your ears. It's completely normal to have wax in your ear canals, sometimes even without using cotton buds, it does get a bit hard or dehydrated and it doesn't come out easily and that's when you feel your ears are clogged.

There's a couple of simple things you can try in order to remove the wax. Firstly, olive oil is really good for softening ear wax, and you can drop a couple of drops of olive oil into your ears twice a day for a few days in order to soften the wax. Once the wax is soft, you don't need to do anything to remove it.

It will come out of your ears naturally and then it can be wiped away when it's visible. You can also buy ear drops over the counter called softening drops which do the same job, and some people find that's easier because it actually comes with a pipette that you can drop the drops into your ears. If after doing one of those two things for a few days, you still feel that your ears are blocked up with wax, then you should go to the GP.

Sometimes, you feel like your ears are clogged, and actually, it might be that you've not got ear wax at all but you may have an ear infection or fluid in the middle ear, so you do need a GP to examine your ears. If your GP feels that your ears are still blocked with wax, then they will recommend you have ear syringing which is very quick and pain free and is a very good way to remove ear wax. So, that's how to unclog your ears and remember, don't use cotton buds. .