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How To Understand Jupiter Astrology

How To Understand Jupiter Astrology

A professional astrologer explains the significance of the planet Jupiter and the sorts of meanings that can be attributed to an appearance of it in your star chart.

The planet Jupiter is the biggest planet in the zodiac. It is also representative of the god Jupiter, which was the ruler of all the gods. Now the thing about Jupiter, as you can imagine, it's the biggest planet and so it's all about growth.

It's all about expanding our opportunities. It's about expansion. It's about being over the top.

You know, if you've got Jupiter prominent in your chart, then you want to be a leader; you want to be someone in charge. People with Jupiter, prominent in their chart can be over the top bigger than life. A great attribute if you're perhaps a politician.

But equally, if you've got Jupiter in an area of the chart known as sort of the fifth house, which is to do with sort of children, then you're likely to be someone that wants a big family. So the key to understanding Jupiter is it's about sort of growth and opportunities. Jupiter in your chart, in your transits is going to indicate good times for getting jobs, good times for money increases, promotion and opportunities.

Depending on where it is in your chart, will give you a clue of where things are going to grow. So, Jupiter is a positive. It's an influence that allows us to sort of expand, grow, create and take charge as well.

Jupiter is also about understanding higher spirituality, growing our life around us, and growing the world around us. So, that's the key to Jupiter. .