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How To Upload Original Music To MySpace

How To Upload Original Music To MySpace

MySpace is a good way to have your music heard. Follow these simple steps to upload your original music onto MySpace and ensure that thousands hear you.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • A MySpace Music Artist account

Step 2: Log On

Go to www.myspace.com and click on the "Music tab". Next, click on the "Artist Signup" tab on the right and follow the instructions to sign up.

Step 3: Digitize It

Before uploading, convert your original song to MP3 format.

Step 4: Direct It

Click on "Edit Profile" then on the "Manage Songs" tab. You can now tell MySpace how to handle your original song on your profile. Click "Update" when you have settled on all the settings. Click "Add Song To Your Profile" when ready.

Step 5: Name It

Enter your original song's information in the corresponding fields. You can allow people to rank your song or download it from MySpace. Click "Update" once you have settled on all the information.

Step 6: Upload It

One the upload page, click "Browse" and find your MP3 original song on your computer. Click "Open" after selecting the song. Finally, click "Upload" to upload your original song onto MySpace.