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How To Use A Beard Trimmer

How To Use A Beard Trimmer

Whether you're going for a new look or just plain tired of shaving, beard trimming is the way to go. For newcomers, using a beard trimmer can be a little daunting, but Videojug is here to help. This video provides a step-by-step guide on trimmer selection, maintenance, and barber-style technique.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to use a beard trimmer. Now, the three types - so we got this one here, this is what you'd normally use at home. Probably somebody bought it for you for Christmas.

They are flimsy. The motors on them are very slow. What tends to happen as you're going over them, because the motors are so slow, is that they'll pull the hair, and there will be an uncomfortable trim.

So, no! Use a nice, professional one, one us barbers would use. Fast motor does the job. But, what you need to do, like with almost anything, is you need to maintain them.

You would need to maintain them by oiling them which is very simple. Grab the oil, push it over, put the machine on and let it suck the oil into the motor itself. Then just give it a nice wipe.

Now, this is done every time after you've done the beard trim. Every time you've done a beard trim, give it a wipe, and it should last a long time. There is also another one which I would use for lining up.

It's slightly smaller, great for getting into certain areas, which are quite tight, like around here or across there, and these are actually much sharper, too. As you can see, we've got a lot of excess hair, so what we want to do, is take it over on number two, so it's nice and smooth all the way across. Now, you have to sometimes watch out for thinner hair.

For instance, here, it's slightly thinner than over here so we need to sort of take it easy around there and take it in tight on the sides. It's quite thick here, too. Now, I'm combing the hair in the direction where the hair goes, just gliding it across, careful not to go into that hair.

If you just push that back over there, and just bring that up slightly to the angle, that's it. Keep going all the way across, keep combing it, constantly using the fine toothed comb. Now, I'm using the beard trimmers in different directions, and the reason I'm doing that is that some of the hair grows in slightly different directions.

So, the outcome is to basically just take all the hair off so it's nice and smooth all the way across. I'm going back over it slightly, constantly combing the hair. I've just noticed that I've left out a bit there because I've combed it.

If there's a few hairs there, take it over again. Alright, so look at him in the mirror, brushing him down. Make sure you got everything, and that it's all taken off nice and smooth all the way across to the sides.

And there we have it, that's how to use a beard trimmer.