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How To Use A Calligraphy Pen

How To Use A Calligraphy Pen

In this video, the teacher gives a visual explanation of how to use a calligraphy pen. You will learn about pointed pens, and how to use them along with various calligraphy tools such as pen holders and reservoirs for various styles of calligraphy.

Hi, I'm Vakob, from Calico Studio in London. How to use a calligraphy pen. When you have decided to use a calligraphy pen, you will have many different options.

I have here three different point pens, pointed pens. Pointed pens will come in different shapes, different flexibilities, and some pointed pens have angles. If you don't have a pointed pen with angle, you can cover with a pen holder, which will have an angle.

If you can use a broad edge pen, you can go for a different size, or if you needed a wider pen, you can go to the same way - different size. When you have different sized pens, what you need to do is choose your pen holder, which you like. I will take this one, it's very simple.

It has a little bit wider edge. You will choose your pen, what size you will like to use. First, you will check your pen if it's correct, doesn't have any effects.

You will push your pen within the holder where your pen will come in halfway. After this, you will take a reservoir and you will add the reservoir to your pen. If the pen and reservoir are new, you need chastise.

In this case, the reservoir is very loose. You maybe need to open up, a tiny bit, your reservoir, which I will do on the other side of pen, the other side of it first. Now, your reservoir will be very loose.

You can see I'm almost going to take off the reservoir. When I have done this, we'll put back the reservoir, keeping my finger down, and I will push another pen holder in a nice hug for reservoir. This way, I can put in my reservoir, which has quite a bite around it.

What you want when you're doing reservoir, you want a nice gentle hug for your pen. You can see it's not tight, it's still flowing. I can take the reservoir quite easily off, and put back, but it's not very tight.

You need to leave roughly either two millimeters, or three millimeters in the top from the pen. You want to look if your reservoir is flushing for the pen. If it's not flushing, you can curve up, just a tiny bit, your reservoir.

Make sure it is flushed to your pen. If you will choose the pointed pen, the pointed pen, depending what kind of style you would like to do, the pointed pen will easily do complicated or English round styles, which is like this. Exactly the same way, you will take your pen.

You don't need a reservoir. You will push your pen. This is a plastic pen holder.

In between the holder in a halfway, make sure your pen is very tightly inside the pen holder and you are ready to go to draw. Usually when writing, you need a more angular pen for which I have two different pen holders here. One is plastic and another one is a metal one.

Here, I will take the pen which I will put between the angle and I will tighten this to here and I am ready to start writing. You can do the same thing with your pen if you have a pen which has a writing angle to it, and it will be the same angle ready to write. This is how you will choose your pen. .