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How To Use A Clip On Ponytail

How To Use A Clip On Ponytail

In this film, we are presented with a tutorial on how to attach a clip-on ponytail extension to either give your hair more body or just for a different look. The number of styles and colours available are endless. So, with a little bit of practice, you'll find it's easy to attach.

Hi. In this video, I would like to show you how to use a clip-in ponytail. We can do a high ponytail for a more dramatic look or a low ponytail for an easy chic look.

I'll go for the high ponytail. You have to brush your hair and make a ponytail out of your hair first. The clip in Ponytail can be matched to the colour of your hair and it should be actually matched to the colour of your hair.

We have a slightly different situation here. We're going to match the clip-in ponytail to the colour of the highlights, these colored blond streaks that our model has. Fix your ponytail with a hair band.

The clip-in ponytails give a very nice beautiful for the frizz out. They look really, really good especially if the colour matches perfect. We are matching it to the blonde.

You have to open the clip, just pressing on the sides here, like this. You put it just above the ponytail. Our ponytail has two strings here as well, so we hold onto the strings and tie them around the base of the ponytail.

Tie it relatively tight to secure the hairpiece to your hair. Now, the next step would be to hide the base where we used the strings to tie the ponytail to our own hair. So, what we have to do is we have to take a section of the ponytail from the bottom, preferably not a very thick section, but thick enough for us to wrap it around the base and hide the ponytail attachment.

And you just wrap it like that. It looks really nice and neat. Nobody will be able to tell that you're wearing a clip-in ponytail.

The ponytail can be left straight or it can be waved using rollers, hair straighteners or curling tongs as you prefer. We can just leave it straight like that and it blends in with your natural hair. If your hair is quite short, it covers and hides your short hair extensions in a very natural way.

And that is how to use a clip-on ponytail. .