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How To Use A Coffee Press

How To Use A Coffee Press

Using a coffee press has never been easier with this guide. Learn how to make a perfect brewed cup of coffee using your coffee press the VideoJug way!

Step 1: The Soyfee French Press

Taralee Truman introduces us to one of the best French presses on the market.The Soyfee French Press is beautifully designed with a lid that resembles the domes of French cathedrals. And not only is it beautifully designed, it is also well designed. It has an extra fine meshed filter that is specifically designed for soyfee products.The glass container is made with Pyrex, providing the durability needed for years of reliable use. Using your Soyfee French press is the perferred method of brewing the perfect cup of soyfee.

Step 2: Preparing The Coffee

When using your French Press to make coffee you first add 1 to 2 heaping tablespoons for a 3 cup pot. Or 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons for an 8 cup pot. You then add the hot water, ensuring the water stops boiling before you add it. Fill the water to the top metal band. Now you stir the mixture.

Step 3: Using The French Press

Place the lid on with the plunger up. Let the mixture steep for five minutes. Then you should hold the handle firmly and press the plunger straight to the bottom. Now, all that is left to do is pour while holding the lid.And enjoy.