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How To Use A Curling Iron To Curl Hair

How To Use A Curling Iron To Curl Hair

Are you lost when it comes to the proper way to curl your hair? In this video, you will learn some valuable information on how to start, including steps to take before you even let the curling iron touch your head. If you're tired of flat, lifeless hair, then this video is a must-see!

I'm going to show you how to use a curling iron to curl hair. Okay, so when you are taking a section, you want it about two and a half inches wide and the section is going to be a centimeter deep, no more than a centimeter deep as you can miss some bits of hair or you can end up getting kinks and things like that in the hair. So, you take your section, you comb it through just to make sure there are no knots or little tangles in there.

Once you're satisfied that you've done that, pulling it and keeping the tension quite tight there through, a little bit of hairspray or a protection spray, something that will just help protect the hair from the heat of the curling iron and also will just stop any little flyaway hairs that you might get or static hair. You take your curling iron, now there are various curling irons on the market and they come in all different shapes and sizes. This one is particularly, it's quite a big size because we want to get quite a nice bigger wave curl, but they come in all different sizes, it just depends on the finished look you want to go for.

So, keeping the tension after you've combed the section through, open the iron, place just so you get that very bottom bit in and your curling and bringing it up and keeping the tension there and curling it right the way. Don't go right to the root, place your finger just in between and as it gets to you, you can feel the heat. That's how far you need to go into the hair, and hold for a few seconds.

And when you want to release the hair, you just twist like this and let the hair out like so. And there you have your first section. And that's how to use curling irons to curl hair. .