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How To Use A Disc Sander

How To Use A Disc Sander

Using a disc sander is very simple. Be sure to always watch where you put your fingers. Be sure to use the extractor because there will be a lot of dust that can get in your lungs.

This is a disc sander. It's got a big disc that revolves, there's a table you can adjust the angle of, and it's used for sanding. On this, I'm going to take this to a nice curve.

Cutting that with a band saw, as you can see, it's burned the wood slightly. Leaves a slightly rough finish and you can sand it with a disc sander, nice and smooth. I've drawn a line at the top and going to follow it around.

You'll see it's got a guard on this side. That's so that if you were to touch a piece of wood on there, it would fly up because it revolves that way. This side, it pulls it down onto the table.

So, it does give a limited amount of space. You can get big ones of these, or this size, or quite small. The bigger, the more useful but slightly more dangerous, too.

You need extraction because lots of dust comes out and it'll get in your lungs and in your eyes and just everywhere. It's best to use extraction always. So, I turn extraction on, then the machine and then I'll do a little bit of sanding.

Wait for it to get to full speed first. Keep your fingers away from the edge. If fingers go down there, it really hurts so, just don't do it.

Don't concentrate on one part too long. If you do, the wood will overheat. On the outside edge, the wheel moves faster and more comes off.

A lot of it comes off after. Now, on here, you can see it's nice and smooth. That's where it's still rough from before.

That's the saw marks so you can see, this bit here's been sanded nicely. There, I went slightly too close and it's got burnt. If that happens, I guess you'll take a little more off but try not to do that.

That's how to use a disc sander. .