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How To Use A Disposable Insulin Pen

How To Use A Disposable Insulin Pen

The newest insulin injection system is comprised of a vial of insulin and a disposable needle in the shape of a large marker, called an insulin pen. Even though you must review the proper way to use your prescribed insulin pen with a doctor, this refresher will give you a general idea of how to use a prefilled disposable insulin pen.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • 1 sink to wash and dry your hands
  • 2 alcohol swabs
  • 1 prefilled disposable insulin pen
  • 1 fresh needle
  • 1 covered trash container

Step 2: Pick A Spot

There are several body areas where you can give yourself an insulin shot. These include your outer upper arms, front and sides of both thighs, buttocks or hip area and abdomen, If you do inject yourself in the abdomen, avoid the 2 inch circle around your navel, because that area does not absorb insulin well.

Step 3: Scrub Up

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Then clean your insulation spot with the alcohol prep pad. Let the alcohol dry on the skin so it doesn't sting when you make the injection.

Step 4: Insulin Check

Be sure to learn the proper color and consistency of your specific insulin and check the expiration. If you are using cloudy insulin, mix by gently rolling the pen between your hands 15-20 times.

Step 5: Attach The Needle

Always use a new needle for each injection. Remove the protective paper tab from the outer needle shield and attach the shielded needle straight onto the Pen. Save the shields for when you detach the needle.

Step 6: Prime The Pen

Turn the dose knob to the arrow. Pull the knob out and until a “0” appears in the dose window. Turn the dose knob clockwise until a “2” appears in the dose window. With the needle pointed up, tap the cartridge holder gently. Push the injection button firmly. You should see several drops or a stream of insulin coming from the needle tip.

Step 7: Give A Dose

Once again, return the dose knob to zero, then turn the dose knob to the number of units for your insulin dose. Pinch a bit of your skin and fat to ensure you are injecting into fatty tissue. Bring the syringe to a 90 degree angle over the area. Release tension on your pinch as you depress the plunger. Then count slowly to five before removing the needle

Step 8: Clean Up

Rub an alcohol pad over the site. Attach the outer needle shield to the pen then unscrew the needle and throw it away in a hard covered container. You're on you're way to managing your diabetes.