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How To Use A Flower Oasis

How To Use A Flower Oasis

A flower oasis may just be a foam but there is a technique to have it evenly saturated so that your flowers won't die prematurely and you'll enjoy flower arranging.

I'm going to show you how to soak foam correctly. It is so important that you soak it correctly because if you don't, you'll find that there are dry areas inside the foam so when the stem end hits one of these dry areas, it can't get moisture and therefore, will die prematurely. So, there are various criteria you have to follow if you want it to be soaked evenly through and that your plant material can get a source.

Now, this one is called oasis. It's a brand leader and it's known throughout the world and it's a very good quality foam. What you need to do is to fill a container with water.

It is actually deeper than the piece of foam you want to soak. You take the foam and you have to put it on the water that is still. If the water is moving, the piece of foam will go in at an angle and therefore, will not take up the water evenly and you'll have those problems I just mentioned.

So, onto the still water, you place it and watch it descend under its own weight and it takes a very short time. Nowadays, new technology means that in 30-40 seconds, this piece of foam will be fully charged with water and weigh considerably more than before you put it in. And as this sinks down, the colour changes and it changes from the light green that you still see on the top into the dark green at the bottom, and when the whole thing is levelled and swimming and it's just floating on the top of the water, you know you can remove it and it is ready to use.

So there it is, the water is now going right through. It's nearly there and once it is all turned dark green, I'm going to remove it and it is ready to use and there is your soaked oasis ready to use. But just always take care, no movement in the water and never place it in at an angle like that because, again then, it won't become fully saturated.

So, that is how you soak a piece of foam so that your flowers will last and last. .