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How To Use A Hair Doughnut

How To Use A Hair Doughnut

Hair doughnuts are a great way to create the perfect bun. This Videojug film will show you the proper way to use a hair doughnut.

Today I'm going to be taking you through a series of videos that include hair care tips, styling product knowledge, and how to use certain hair equipment. On this video I'm going to be showing you how to use a hair doughnut. The hair doughnut I've got here is a black one, only purely because of my models hair colour.

You can get different ones. You can get blonde, brown ones, all different ones to match your hair. I've started my models hair already in a ponytail.

This will be the basis for whenever you are using the doughnut just to get the perfect bun. Put it round- if I'm right handed so I put it round the my right hand. Now I'm just going to put the ponytail through that.

You now see you've got that sitting perfectly as your base for using that on creating a bun. The hair obviously the technique you're going to be doing is you're going to end up covering the whole of this doughnut with your hair. If your hair is really layered and short I suggest you do quite a lot of back combing before that.

I personally do it just to make sure the bun is nice and even and you don't end up seeing any of the doughnut as you work around, especially on this top section. I'm going to try and do it quite neat and quite smooth so it's easier for you to show but I'm only back combing really just that very sort of middle section of the hair because the hair you can place it around the doughnut and pin it quite quickly and quite easily. I personally put a hair grip in the doughnut to the hair just to secure it while you're working round.

I'll move the hair out of the way so you can see that. I personally put one in just to anchor the doughnut to your hair. If your hair is really thick I suggest putting a couple in.

Obviously by the time you've gripped it, it will be secure. I tend to start from the top and just take the section, hide the doughnut, and then just push the hair underneath to the side. All you're doing as you're working along is choosing these very fine grips.

Just pop that in so it's sitting- the hair is sitting with the doughnut. See that's really easily hiding away. You may end up with quite a lot of hair here but we can cover that up in a moment.

This last section you can actually use to wrap around the base of the doughnut just for the top of the hair if you want to. That is how you use the hair doughnut. .