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How To Use A Hair Rubber Band

How To Use A Hair Rubber Band

Joshua Altback, a professional hairstylist, demonstrates the simplicity of using a hairband to tie back hair into a simple, and then more decorative, ponytail.

I'm going to show you how to tie back long hair into a hairband. Now, there are many different ways and techniques you can use to tie your hair back, but I'm going to start with a very low ponytail; a very, very simple look. Making sure you have a lot of tension right at the bottom, comb the hair very naturally back into your left hand and hold it with a lot of tension.

Pull the ponytail through and put it through once more, and depending on how tight you want your ponytail to be, you can maybe get another one - and how thick the hair is also. And that's your simple low ponytail. Now, if you want to dress it up a bit, what you can do is leave the top section out.

So, you take sections from your temple to the back of your crown and then you will just pin this up, so it's out of the way for now and then what you will do is simply brush your hair back into a low ponytail. Or if you want to jazz it up a bit, you can put the ponytail a bit further up, which we're going to do now for you. Once again, holding it very tight, pull your cover down through, twist it into the first and then the second again and then put it in with extra tension.

Now, what you have left is this top section here. Now, what I'm going to do just to give it a little more interest. I've just taken that first section as before, I'm going to twist this just a little bit and push it forward, and what you can see is that you get a little bit of height through the top.

Then, I'm going to simply put the grips through one side to hold it in place, then again, and then what you can do is carry on twisting and twist around the ponytail, and that will hide your covered band and give it more of an interesting look. What we're doing is just going through once again, gripping through the ends, twisting all the way around, and then with that last bit, we can just tuck in nice and neatly. Then, we grip it to hold it in place.

Now, what you can do, just to kind of smarten it up a bit, is a bit of hairspray and there you have it, lots of ways of using a hairband. .