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How To Use A Hammer Drill

How To Use A Hammer Drill

Using a hammer drill to drill a hole in the wall is not as complicated as it may seem. Easily learn how to use a hammer drill with this short step-by-step video guide.

To make holes in solid walls, you are going to need a hammer drill. I will show you how to use one of these tools. Hi, I'm Adrian from Service Team, and I've been an engineer in the field for 25 years.

There are two different types of chuck which handle, two different types of drill. This is the original top, the one the drill knows and loves. This goes in, points up on the drill.

This is the STS, most commonly used on hammer drills. It goes in, slots in and it's secured. To adjust your drill to be on hammer, if it's a hard wall, because this is a percussion drill and it makes it a lot easier to get through concrete and things like that or brickwork, once you've chosen the correct size of drill and right size of chuck, then you need to measure or mark your wall where you intend to drill.

Alright, once you've marked your wall, start drilling. Put your drill on the mark you've made, hold the drill level and straight, and begin drilling. Once you've reached the depth, you need to drill, you're ready to put a wall plug in that you can use as an anchor for your crew.

Once you've drilled, you'll have created some dust. So if you have a brush, just brush the loose dust onto a dust sheet leaving it clean and tidy after you've worked. And that is how to use a hammer drill. .