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How To Use A Laser Level

How To Use A Laser Level

VideoJug shows you what a laser level is, when a laser level is the appropriate tool of choice, and how to assemble it. Great for building brick walls!

Today I'm going to show you how to use a laser level. The laser level comes in a box. What we've got here in this box, we have a tripod - okay, put that like so.

We have the laser level and this is what the laser level sits on. And we have some safety glasses that need to be worn. Now, for different attachments here - one going horizontal and the other giving another pinpoint spot laser.

And here's a marking string which we can use, but for today's demonstration we won't be using this, I'll just be showing you how to set up the laser level. First thing's first, when setting up any level, you need to make sure that the tripod is level. Okay, now, what we have here is, as you can see, we have a bubble and we have a round circle.

Now, that bubble needs to be exactly in that round circle, okay? And in doing that, I need to adjust the tripod accordingly. Now, ok, so I'm going to set the tripod up on the bench like so and make sure that the bubble is exactly in the red circle, just adjusting the tripod like so. So, what we have now is we have the tripod is perfectly level and the actual bubble is within that red perimeter circle.

The tripod's nice and level, but what I'm going to do is attach the leavening plate to the tripod. As you can see, we also have a bubble and a red circle, okay? Now that bubble needs to be in that red circle. Now, I attach the leavening plate to the tripod by turning it clockwise like so.

Okay, now what I'm going to do is open the box and take out the level with the laser in it. I'm going to place the level on the leavening plate like so. And, as you can see, I have an attachment, just screw clockwise, I need to screw clockwise, and it holds the laser level in place.

As you can see, that doesn't move now. Now that will spin 360 degrees, like so. In order to get this laser level level, I need to adjust these nuts here.

And what that will allow me to do, is that will allow me to get that bubble in the center of that red circle. Okay, so by looking over the red circle, adjusting these nuts here, if I adjust that one, it brings the bubble that way. If I adjust this one, it brings the bubble towards you.

If I adjust this one, I got my left and right. Now, that bubble is perfectly in the center of that red circle. That tells me that that level is level.

Okay, now what I'm going to do, I'm going to now get the attachment that will give me the horizontal reading. I'm going to pick that one up, put that on the end of here like so. The laser level now is perfectly level.

Now what I need to do is I need to attach the prism apertures to the end of the level, which will give me the correct angles for the angle that I require. In this demonstration, we're going to use this prism aperture, and we're going to place this over the top. Now, on here we have increments.

What I want to do is be able to set the increments to the desired angle, and to do that, I can turn the prism aperture, which will give me the correct angle. So, for demonstration purposes, I'm going to set it to the horizontal knot, which is zero. Making sure I put the goggles on, because when we're using lasers, we don't want any interference with our eyes, and we shouldn't be looking directly into a laser.

And we need to turn it on. Switch on. Switch off.

Okay, now we've turned on the laser, as I said, I've set the correct aperture, which is giving me a horizontal aperture. If I turn that now to the wall, the laser is giving you a horizontal reading, and it's showing that wall is actually running away. And this is where we'd use a laser level to try and keep things level, certainly when it comes to brick work.

There are many different applications that we can use for this, but in this demonstration purposes, we just used the brick wall to show and demonstrate how the laser level works. And that is how to use a laser level. I hope you found today helpful on the different techniques and methods of using