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How To Use A Leg Extension Machine

How To Use A Leg Extension Machine

This video by Ricardo Macedo provides a brief but informative instruction on the proper way to get a good workout on your legs using a leg extension machine.

Hi, my name is Ricardo Macedo, and I'm here today to give some good tips and show you how to do some exercise. We are in my gym in Kensington, London W8. So, you can find us on our website www.


So come with me and we're going to show you some tips. Here we go. How to do a leg extension.

When you have a leg extension machine, it's a very simple procedure, okay? First of all, you need to adjust the machine for your body type. So, I'm going to ask you to sit upright. You have to make sure your back is fully supported and the back of the knee is at the end of the bench.

You have to select the right weight for you to work out. So, that's good. And let's do it.

So, full range of movement there and rise all the way to the top. Four seconds on the way up, four seconds on the way down, nice and easy movement. Yes, all the way to the top.

Keep your toes curled, pointing up. Both legs, yes. Good, good, good.

That was, you can avoid cramps. So that way, you explore the whole range of movement. Work your quads.

So once you've done your set of whatever they may be, twelve, fifteen, ten, or for strength maybe six, return the weight nice and easy. Slow all the way down, all the way down. Then you release the bar and you're free to go.

That's it for today. Bye. .