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How To Use A Mouse Sander

How To Use A Mouse Sander

Learn the differences between different types of sander and which one to use depending on the kind of work you need to get done. See what the mouse sander is specifically good for and how easy it is to place its parts and use it to make the best of your work.

Okay, I'm going to show you about mouse sanders. This is a mouse sander. I'll show you the reason for them first.

This is an old little sander which goes round, but it can't get into tight corners. It can do something close, like this. You can see it's having problems getting right to the corner, it can't clear up all the level, like that.

These are screws by the way, I just put through, and then I put filler over the top. This one here, it can almost get to the edge but with the other sander, you can get closer. You can also get into corners.

I'm going to finish that one off when I show you the mouse sander on it. On here, you see this goes away. It always happens with the sanding disks and triangle pieces, whatever sanding paper you're using.

On the mouse sander, you can get into the corner, like the last one. And the end, it just gets blown away, you can just replace the end instead of replacing the whole sheet each time. There is a new end on there.

It also had an attachment to go right into little holes. So if this hole gets further, you can put these in the end, can go even further still. I'm just changing that before you.

Just slide these pieces into the holes, put the screw back in, sanding paper back at the end and they can go right into little holes you can't reach through with other sanders. You can see it went to the corner. So, this is how you use a mouse sander. .