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How To Use A Nail Art Brush

How To Use A Nail Art Brush

The creation of masterpieces on the nails is one of the most popular art form of modern time. Using specialized brushes, nail artists are now creating spectacular and eye catching nail art designs. Watch this video, and learn how to create masterpieces on nails!

Hi, my name is Reena. I'm from Nail Creations. I'm going to show you how to create a nail art design that's nice and simple.

I would like to show you how to use nail art brushes. Now, the secret to nail art brush is to make sure that your brushes are very, very fine. The best way to do that is to get a pair of scissors, you're not going to cut off the brush but you're just going to fine it down and take off any extra bristles that you don't need, so you trim it down, have it nice and thin like this.

And with the fine brush, it comes already flat so you have got the advantage of creating different designs with those. You must make sure that you use water based paint. They're the best to work with and it's easier for you to then wipe off your paints from the brush.

You're going to dip into the white, it doesn't actually matter that there is too much paint, because the finer you go on the nail, the thinner the line that you're going to get, the more you go on the nail, the thicker the line you're going to get. That's how you create the designs. I'm going to show you a thin strip by putting less pressure down, and just next to it, I'll show you a thicker strip by putting full pressure down, so you will see the difference.

That's using a long nail art brush. And then with the fine brushes to get the full effect, just dabbing on to the black, and we can do marble effect by just bringing this across. It doesn't matter if it goes on the sides because then you can wipe that clean by using a nail varnish remover.

You're then going to go back to your white bush and you can pat it down to get the marble effect. There is no right or wrong way of doing this, it is just a matter of taking time building up the colors as much as you want them to be. Bring the nail across all the way down, make sure to clean your brushes in between, and then to clean up the sides, use nail varnish remover to wipe down the sides, and then you let that dry and that's the effect of using the brushes to get those different creations.

You can mix those different colors, black and white are probably the most popular, and then you fill that with a good top coat. .