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How To Use A Philips Screwdriver

How To Use A Philips Screwdriver

Screwdriving screws into walls can be a pain if you don't know what you are doing. It's important to be using the right type of screwdriver and also the right size. Take a look at this video for more tips.

Today, we're going to learn how to use a screwdriver. This is what I call a pozidriv screwdriver but it can be referred to as a Phillips screwdriver so if someone says to you, can I have a Phillips screwdriver, this would be the type of screwdriver you would use. The actual correct terminology is a pozidriv screwdriver.

This is a Phillips or could be referred to as a Phillips type screw but in fact, it's actually a pozidriv screw, reason being you've got a positive crisscross on the face of the screw. Here we have a pozidriv screwdriver, a medium sized pozidriv screwdriver. We have a smaller one here and then again a little dumpy one for getting into places which are difficult, in other words, small spaces where we can't get our hands in so they shortened that shaft to make it easier.

Depending on the size of screw that we're going to use is dependent on the screwdriver we are going to use. Here we have various types of different sizes of screws. These are the pozidriv screws.

You can see there is a crisscross and this crisscross is what we would use for this type of screwdriver. As you can see the crisscross on this screwdriver and we have a crisscross on this screw. Depending on the size of the screw is dependent on the screwdriver we're going to use and as you can see that fits nicely.

It is important that we use the right size because what will happen when we are actually screwing the screw into the word or wall or what we're going to be screwing the screw into, we need to make sure the screw doesn't strip. What could happen is we don't use the right sized head to the right sized screw, what could happen is the screwdriver can spin in the screw and what will happen is that will strip and if that strips which means the metal is broken away from inside the screw, it means we can't get a proper purchase on the screw to screw it in. So, it is important that we get the right sized screwdriver for the right sized screw.

For today's demonstration purposes, we're going to use this type of screw and we are going to choose one of the pozidriv screwdrivers to fit this type of screw. Here we have a dumpy screwdriver, but because we are not going to be screwing into a hard to reach place, we're going to be using this type of screwdriver. Take my screw and place in the piece of wood, thumb and forefinger holding the screw, take my screwdriver, place it on top of the screw and turn gently at first, take away my screwdriver and make sure that it's actually straight.

Again, place the screwdriver on top of the head. As you can see, what I'm doing is I'm using the palm of my hand and place the screwdriver in the palm of my hand which gives me better push on the screw when I'm screwing in. Twist.

Now, a nice little tip for you to make it easier to screw it into the wood is what I use is a little bit of candle wax. What I do is scrape the screw on the candle wax then place the screw back into the whole. Screwdriver on top of the screw and look how much easier that goes in.

To remove a screw from wood, again making sure we choose the right screwdriver for the right screw head, very very important. In this particular instance, we are going to use this type of screwdriver because it's the right head for the face of this screw. Place the screwdriver over the top of the head, turn anticlockwise, not clockwise, clockwise to tighten the screw, anticlockwise to loosen the screw.

It's important to make sure that we choose the right screwdriver for the right screw head. If I was to remove this screw with this screwdriver, as you can see, it's too small, I would have great difficulty and probably strip the screw. By stripping the screw means I won't be able to remove the screw out of the piece of wood.

It's very important to use the correct screwdriver for the correct screw. I hope you found today helpful on the different techniques and methods on using certain tools for different projects. If you'd like more in