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How To Use A Pilates Magic Circle (Pilates Ring)

How To Use A Pilates Magic Circle (Pilates Ring)

The "magic circle" is an exercise tool which can help shape the thighs, buttocks, arms and chest muscles; it offers a fun way to exercise and keep in shape using the slimming Pilates exercise programme!

This is a "magic circle". This one is a little bit more rigid, so you might want to have something just to cushion it. So, you can place the cushion here on the outside or you can place a sock on each side. Make sure you don't have it on your joints, just above the knee joint there, and the idea is to squeeze just very, very gently.

Or this one's a lot more comfortable. Just a gentle squeeze. This is going to use our inner thigh muscles and curling back, you're using your abdominals, taking the obliques, coming back a little bit further, much more difficult, and then coming back up again.

Let's look at a different position: this is a lovely exercise for strengthening your arms and your chest. Gently pushing down on the circle and lengthen your back. Keep growing taller and taller, just a gentle push, and again, we make sure that we're not pushing on our joint. We're pushing on the heel of the hand here. Using the magic circle, you can tone your thighs much quicker, much more efficiently. Just above your ankle, you press down very gently. The underneath leg is inside and the top leg is outside the circle, parallel.

For slightly different muscle recruitment, you turn the top leg out just a little bit, still working the inside of the top thigh, but just slightly differently, also your buttocks muscles slightly. Again, it's just a small push, nothing too hard.
And then, keeping the leg on the inside, you can work the outside of your thigh by pushing up just gently.

And then working both legs together lengthen away top of head from your feet, a little bit of pelvic floor gently, little bit of tummy, and stretch the legs away. And both legs lift off the floor.

Have fun with the magic circle. There are endless possibilities - putting the pads between your knees, between your ankles, with lots of different exercises.