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How To Use A Planer Thicknesser

How To Use A Planer Thicknesser

This informative video on how to set up and use your planing machine will teach you the correct usage of a planing machine to speed up all your woodworking projects!

I'm going to show you how to set this machine up. For camera purposes, I'm not going to be wearing my safety equipment but you must wear yours at home. So what I'm going to simply do is set down the tilt of the bed.

This little machine on the front here, that will tell me looking at that, how much that will take off. I simply hold that in, wind it up, and wind it down. Don't take off any more than 2 millimeters at a time because you will have a kickback and it is very dangerous.

Start the machine and feed it through. Remember, the side that you have already planed goes down to the bed, if you place the saw face down, that nice plain you had is going to be removed. The planed face goes down; you're now removing the top.

So there you have it, perfect thickness stock. I would just simply repeat the process if I was going to do the top, and then that would be perfectly square all around. Ready to commence work. .