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How To Use A Rotary Hammer Drill

How To Use A Rotary Hammer Drill

This Videojug presentation describes the similarities and differences between different types of rotary hammer drills, with a visual comparison of performance done by a bespoke carpenter.

Now, I'm going to show you how to use the rotary hammer drill. I've got three types here: you've got the battery-powered rotary hammer drill, the electric corded one, and then what's called an STS hammer drill. This is the most powerful one, then you've got this one, and that's the least powerful one of all.

So, I'm just going to make some holes in each just to show how quick and what the difference is with how they work. So, starting with the battery-powered one, I'm going to put my goggles on. This is actually a combination rotary hammer drill.

It's got the hammer over here, so we'll slide this over to hammer. So we can see it's on hammer there, we'll put it on number three, and it also does screw driving and normal wood driving. It's got three different speeds, 3, 2, 1.

1 you might use for drilling into metal because you want to be nice and slow. So, let's see how this drills in. There we are, we've made a three-centimeter hole there, it was quite nice and easy in quite a solid block.

Let's see how the electric powered one goes. Same hole, much quicker, I had to put a lot less pressure. This is the electric corded drill, which is good when you're at home, or somewhere where you've got 240 volts.

The battery powered one is handy to have, because it's a multipurpose one, and obviously, you don't need electricity so you can just use it anywhere in the garden. And now, we've got the STS drill, which is supposed to be the best one. The corded one is even better, so let's see how the battery one goes.

So, there we are. That was nice and easy as well, much easier than the electric multipurpose drill, and I think it was probably similar to the corded one, but if you had a corded STS drill, that's the most powerful drill you can have. Here's another drill bit.

You can see it's a lot bigger, a lot longer, so you can go into much thicker walls. The STS drill is the ultimate rotary hammer drill, really, because it can go easily into anything. This is actually quite a small bit, you can get bits as long as you want and as thick as you'd like, so that's the rotary STS drill.

And that's how to use the rotary hammer drill. .