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How To Use A Silicone Sealant Gun

How To Use A Silicone Sealant Gun

Improve your DIY knowledge and skills with this 4-minute guide to the common silicone sealant gun. You might be surprised at its uses!

Okay, this is a frame gun, or silicone sealant gun, sealant gun, whatever you want to call it. It's a bit like a quick clamp. You squeeze it and it pushes this plunger forward.

You can push it forwards by hand, too, and you can pull it back if you press that button. You use it a bit like a piping thing for piping cakes. It's to apply a nice even line of filler, sealant, glue, all sorts, and for injecting stuff in holes.

I'll show you right now how to use it with a caulk tube. This is for filling in gaps around furniture, where the fitted furniture meets walls, things like that. You want to open it.

They open in different ways, a lot of these, but generally, you have a bottle which has got a piston on the end which the plunger will push, and has a sealed end so that whatever the stuff is, it doesn't go off. Obviously, don't cut towards your hand as you cut the end off. You then have the nozzle, and you've got to cut this at 45 degrees and it depends on how big of a line you want, how big a hole you want to make.

It's quite a large hole, that one actually, but it'll do the job very well. Slot it in, put the plunger in the back, and you can fill the gap between two objects like this. There you go, it's coming out of the end.

Run it at 45 degrees, and run it along, evenly pressing the trigger. If you let go, you'll see more starts to come out. Press that button, and you'll stop it from coming out.

Then, you can smooth that off. You can smooth it off with something like this, which is a caulking tool. Just run it along the gap there.

It makes it nice and even. So, imagine that is a wall, and this is a fitted furniture coming up to it, you have a nice tight little gap, and the paint runs up to it on both sides. You can have different things you put in the gun.

This is industrial glazing silicone, so it's a clear. This one's actually translucent.

So this is for, well it's like glazing windows with putty. But it's using silicone instead. This is a white one that you use in bathrooms, for around the edges of baths, sinks, that sort of thing, where they meet the tiles.

This one's just a glue - Gripfill. It's a very good glue. This one, you have to cut the end off and put a nail down, or something down the end, to burst a little silver foil end.

Don't use this one on mirrors, because if you do, the silver backing on the mirror will come off. If you want to stick a mirror to something, use Mirrorfix, or something like that. It's designed not to attack the back of the mirror.

This one here is a polyurethane glue. It comes out, and it foams, and it sticks wood together incredibly well. And lastly, you have this one, if you want to put a bolt into a wall, let's say, you can use this.

If you look inside, you'll see there's a little bag, a couple of bags. So you have to pull the end of those bags out, and cut them both. There's two parts, two bags in there.

It's a 2-part resin. And once you cut the ends open, you put this on, squeeze it, and the stuff gets mixed up here and comes out of the hole. So, you can drill a hole in a wall, squeeze some of this into it, inject it into the hole, and then put a bolt into the hole.

Leave it there for ten minutes, and it's rock solid. And there you go. It's a frame gun.

A silicone sealant gun. .