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How To Use A Trangia Camping Stove

How To Use A Trangia Camping Stove

Love the great outdoors? Then learn how to cook on this traditional stove. Use a trangia camping stove for all camping food needs!

Step 1: You will need.

  • Your trangia stoves which comes in 8 pieces:
  • a frying pan
  • a handle
  • a kettle
  • a burner
  • a couple of pans
  • and the windshield that comes in two parts - the base and the top half.
  • The stove can be unpacked and repacked with ease - a bit like a Russian doll.
  • It uses Methylated Spirits as fuel. This can be carried around in a bottle, and is less bulky than a gas canister.
  • You'll also need some matches to light the meths inside the stove.

Step 2: Safety precautions

Do not use stoves inside tents or confined spaces. The carbon monoxide fumes produced by camping stoves are harmful and tents are highly flammable.

Step 3: Unpack the stove

Take the compacted stove apart piece by piece and lay it out on the grass. Remember how each piece fits together to make it easier when you pack it up again.

Step 4: Wind Shield

The Trangia is fully storm proof - meaning that it won't go out in windy conditions.

The wind shield comes in two pieces. Firstly place the bottom part of the wind shield on the ground somewhere firm and flat. It has ventilation holes in the sides and a middle hole where the burner sits. Now put the top half of the windshield on. Inside there are metal supports. Pull these out as they support the pan when you start cooking.

Step 5: The Burner

The burner unit holds the methylated spirits as they burn.

This one has an adjustable lid so you can tailor the heat level.

Take the lid off the brass burner unit and pour in some methylated spirits. Put the lid back on the methylated spirits immediately, and put out of harms way.

Now carefully place the burner in the centre of the wind shield. Put the second windshield in place.

Step 6: Light

Light a match, and drop it into the burner. As it is methylated sprits, you won't be able to see the flames. When you can feel heat, you'll know that it's lit.

Never touch the hot metal of the burner while cooking.

Step 7: Pan

Use the handle to place the pan on the metal supports inside the wind shield.

Step 8: Frying Pan

If you want to use the frying pan, use the detachable handle to lift the hooks, then sit the frying pan over the heat. Use this detachable handle to lift the pan off the wind shield.

Step 9: Cook

You can now use the stove to boil water, or heat food in the pan or frying pan.

Step 10: Flame adjuster

If you think the flame is burning too high use the adjustable burner top to control it. Always use the handle attachment when putting this in place.

Step 11: More Safety Tips

Never leave the stove unattended while it is burning. Do not leave it on for longer than necessary and under no circumstances should you use a stove to provide heat. The gas will eventually burn away and, although there may not be enough to ignite a flame, it will produce dangerous fumes that can fill a tent.

To turn the stove off once you have finished cooking, put the closed burner top in place. The lack of oxygen will cause the methylated spirits to stop burning after just a few seconds. Remove the burner top to make sure the fire has extinguished. Leave the trangia to cool before packing it away.

Yum. It always tastes better outdoors.