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How To Use A Wood Planer

How To Use A Wood Planer

In this very brief video tutorial, a professional woodworker discusses the proper use of an electric wood planer, complete with a short demonstration.

I'm going to show you how to use an electrical plane. This machine, simply, planes the wood from saw finish to fine. It's mainly used in doors.

You can plane the edge of the door off. In wider pieces like this, you could do it, but you will get a series of lines which will need some sanding out afterwards. There are many on the market, but this is one of the best on the market at the moment, which we like here in the shop.

You can set the blade by a knob on the front or sometimes at the top. They normally go from one millimeter up to 4.5.

The majority of the DIY ones go up to about 2.5 millimeters. It's very important not to take too much off in one hit.

You couldn't use this plane and then leave it unfinished. You'd have to sand it. But basically, simply to use the machine, it planes wood and wood only.

Do not attempt to plane metal with this, as it is extremely dangerous. So before we carry out some use of it, and a little bit more talk on it, just remember one thing, to always wear your safety goggles and your safety mask. As you can note, when I finished, I put it on its side.

Do not put it straight down on its face, especially on metal, because it will damage the blades. That will give me a pretty good finish now, and I can sand that, and that'll be perfect. As you can also see, there was a lot of debris that came out the bottom and the sides.

You can buy dust retraction kits for these and they're particularly useful, particularly when using them in the home. As a DIY novice, I wouldn't advise you to use one of these unless you've been shown how to use it by a professional. They're extremely dangerous, but extremely good when you can get the hang of them.

That's how you use an electric wood planer. .