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How To Use An Embroidery Machine

How To Use An Embroidery Machine

In this video, Aliza from www.seemsoeasy.com shows you how to create beautiful embroidery designs and stitches using an embroidery machine.

Hi. My name is Aliza from Seam So Easy, www.seamsoeasy.

com. I've been sewing for 15 years. And today, I'm going to show you some techniques.

Today, we're going to use an embroidery machine. Now, this is a Pfaff Creative. And we're just going to look through some of the functions and some of the stitches that are available.

Turn your machine on, and immediately you'll notice that the computer screen comes alive. And if you go to main menu, now the machine sort of categorizes the stitches differently. So there's joining stitches, overcastting, utility, button holes, decorative, maxi stitch, alphabets, sewing sequences, and stitch creator.

Now in stitch creator mode, you will be able to mix and match two or three different types. So say you wanted to do a straight stitch and then maybe a little flower and two more straight stitches, you do that with the stitch creator, but that's for another time. Alright, let's pick a stitch.

So under Join, you have all these different decorative stitches. You just choose the one you want. I'm going to choose number four which is a very wide zigzag.

Put your needle down. If you aren't sure how to proceed, this machine, if you see the little I on here, do I. It will tell you what sewing presser foot you need and whether you can have your hide age on or not.

This one, it says keep it on. Here, so that's on. And just Escape to go back.

Put your foot down. You should just do the stitch. There's that stitch.

Now if you wanted to do something slightly complicated, you can choose it by number as well because each of the stitches at the top would be numbered. And to do that, just escape, and go by selection by number and then just plug in the number. So if we wanted to do those, that's number 147 so you go 1-4-7, okay, and your stitch comes up and you can adjust the stitch length, the stitch width, and the tension.

So, you can make it as close as you like, or as far apart as you like and you can adjust the tension of that. You can also make the stitches as wide or as narrow as you like. So, here you can see how tense the first couple of stitches were.

I adjusted the tension, and there you have that. And that's how you use your machine. .