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How To Use An Eye Liner Pen

How To Use An Eye Liner Pen

In doing eye makeup, it wouldn't be as striking and having more definition if you don't add a touch of eyeliner. This video shows you the technique of applying a particular kind of eyeliner, the eyeliner pen or pencil liner.

Now, I'm going to show you how to apply an eyeliner using an eyeliner pen. This is an eyeliner pen from Maybelline and this is very easy to use. It comes with a colour and all you have to do, pretty much close your eyes, of course, or if you're doing it on yourself, close one eye and start from the end of the eye to the center and then from the beginning of the eye to the center.

So without going further away from the eye, just right where your end lashes finish, you're going to go very close to the lash line and you're going to place your pen liner angled, if it makes sense, instead of going like so. So, angled and very close to the lash line, and then again from the beginning of the lashes, you're going to do the same but as I said, let's try to get it angled so that you can have a smooth pattern. Right on the center, you're going to start lifting that thickness and making it thicker and thicker as you go out, so once you have joined the line, have a look, open your eyes for me, so you see it's starting to go thicker.

So close your eyes, I'm going to lift again to make sure that I just get very thin on this side and quite thick on the outside and up. When I say quite thicker, don't mean really really thick, just in comparison, so you want thick to thin as you go out and in the eye. Now, we can wind that up if you want so right at the end of the eye, you think of a little line of a 45-degree angle if it makes sense.

Close your eyes for me please. And right where this lash line ends, you're going to lift it up a little angle towards your brow there. You can correct that a little bit.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you are doing this stuff so it's easy if you further or thicker and you just use a wipe. Open your eyes for me please. And this is how you apply an eyeliner using a pencil liner. .