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How To Use And Apply Fake Eyelashes

How To Use And Apply Fake Eyelashes

Hair extensions, lip implants, face injections, oh my! There's an easier way to a red carpet look -- falsies! False eyelashes that is!

Step 1: Cut Back

Measure the strip of lashes to your own eye. Using small straight-ended scissors, trim off any excess from the outer edge. For a more natural look, trim the ends unevenly.

Step 2: Make It Stick

Carefully apply a very thin line of glue to the base of the strip. Allow the glue to dry just a few seconds before you move on to the next step.

Step 3: Apply Lash Strip

Using tweezers or your fingers, gently hold the false lash above your own. Apply at the outer corner of your eye first. A stripped cotton swab stick will help you get the false lashes as close as possible to your own lash line.

Step 4: Finish The Look

Use eye shadow as liner to blend the false lashes with your own. Finish with a coat of mascara.