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How To Use Bamboo Knitting Needles

How To Use Bamboo Knitting Needles

This VideoJug film helps the beginning knitter to decide which knitting needle is best for them. The video breaks down the different types of needles from metal to bamboo, ultimately choosing bamboo as the best. The demonstration will show you why bamboo needles are the best knitting needles to use.

I'm going to talk to you about knitting with bamboo needles versus other kinds of needle materials. Knitting needles come in several different materials, and I'll just tell you briefly about the others before we talk about bamboo needles. You can get metal needles.

They tend to be very smooth and silky, and the tips are very sharp. So, people call medal needles fast, meaning you can knit quickly with them because the yarn slides off them easily. Plastic needles are light weight.

They're very inexpensive. They tend to be not a wonderful thing to knit with, most of the time. They are fairly blunt tips, and they are not a lot of fun to knit with.

These are made of a material called casein, which is a milk protein. These look like plastic needles, but they have a little more weight to them. The tips tend to be sharper and, in general, these are a great choice and finally, bamboo needles.

So, bamboo as compared to metal, which are probably the two most common needle types that people use, are lighter in weight. They are more flexible, they warm in the hand, and they're great for people who have any RSI or arthritis problems because they're slightly more flexible in the hands. They're easier on the hands, and so if you're knitting for long periods, you may find that you don't have as much hand fatigue as you will with a metal needle.

They're also a little bit quieter, so they're great for if you happen to be knitting in a public place. So, I'll just show you some knitting with bamboo needles. Bamboo needles, or other wood, are called slow, as compared to the metal fast needles, because they tend to cling to the yarn a little bit at the tip of the needle, which is especially helpful for beginner knitters so that you don't have stitches inadvertently coming off the end of the needle.

So, you control when the stitches come off the needle, and you have a little more control over what's happening. So, they have a nice quiet click when you work with them versus the sort of more metallic clang working with metal needles, and, in general, I use mostly bamboo and wooden needles. I really like the way they feel in the hands, and I think they're a great choice, especially for beginner knitters.

And that's knitting with bamboo needles. .