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How To Use Bar Clamps

How To Use Bar Clamps

This video explains the use of a variety of bar clamps. Four different types of bar clamps are demonstrated, showing the various sizes and strengths of each clamp, as well as proper positioning.

Today, we're using bar clamps. They're a kind of clamp that you can use in a workshop because they're quite heavy, especially the bigger ones, but they're very, very powerful. So, here I've got 4 different types, different sizes.

We've got a small one over here that you screw into position. This one is a quick clamp, you kind of get it into place and then you just pull the handle, so that's nice and quick. This one's also very light, it could be used one-handed.

Here's a medium one and a large one. So, we start with the small one, you unscrew it all the way, and then you open it up roughly into the position that you need, like that, and you hold it temporarily and then you screw it tighter and tighter, and that's a very, very secure hold for the small one. So, this is a very light, quick clamp, so it's handy for maybe one-handed use or if you use it up high in any position.

So, this one, you also open it up to roughly the size that you need, get it in place, close it up, hold it with your hand, and then you just pull the handle and that tightens it up. So that's nice and quick, and finally we've got the big bar clamp, which has got the capability of really squeezing big pieces, really hard. You can open it all the way if you've got a box to clamp together, or weld it while the glue is drying, or if you're just wanting to clamp a piece of wood that you're going to cut like this, open it up roughly to the size you need, put it in place, push it down like that, hold it with your left hand and then screw it like that and that's rock solid.

So, that's how you use bar clamps. .