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How To Use Black Henna

How To Use Black Henna

This is an informative video showing how to make and apply henna on hands using water-paste paints in countries like UK where use of henna is forbidden for its substances.

Hi! My name is Reena. I am from nailcreations.com.

This is Priyanka and Krishma. Today, we are going to show you how to create a henna design. Today, we are going to show you how to create black henna by using potty paint.

Black henna is actually banned in UK due to the fact that there are these chemicals in henna. So we are going to work with water-paste paints. I show you how to create them.

This black henna is temporary and it will be lost today. Today, as the black henna, we can combine bindis and different color paints to enhance and to make it something different. And that, such as a black henna paint.

Black henna is mainly used in Arabic culture to enhance and to create the design, nice and bold. Best way to remove black and henna paint, potty paint, is just by soaking warm water, shaking hands and rubbing off and it comes very easily and that's how you do henna using potty paints. .