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How To Use Bobby Pins

How To Use Bobby Pins

This VideoJug film gives detailed instructions on how to properly use bobby pins in your hair. The end result is a hairstyle that looks great and is secure.

I'm going to show you how to put bobby pins into the hair. So the first thing you need to do is just lightly back comb the roots and that way the bobby pins got something to grip and it's going to hold. If you just put it into loose hair, you're not going to get enough hold and it's just going to drop out.

So I've gone through, I've back combed the hair, pull it around nice and tight. Now, another little tip for the bobby pins is to select one that's the same color to your natural hair or close as. And that way, it's going to camouflage it and you're not going to see the pins once their in.

So I'm just keeping the head upright and that's going stop the hair from being too baggy in the back. What I'm going to do, because I'm putting more than one bobby pin in, I want to criss-cross them over each other and that's going to keep them really secure and strong. If I just keep going up like that, it's going to loosen up.

I'm just taking the bobby pin, breaking open the ends, just pushing it in nice and deep to the root, then just sliding it into the hair nice and securely. I've just criss-crossed those pins over and that's just going to keep it nice and secure. So the hair's not going anywhere now.

I can just fix that with a little bit of spray and that's going to hold really well. .