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How To Use Calligraphy Ink (Ink Stick And Grinding Stone)

How To Use Calligraphy Ink (Ink Stick And Grinding Stone)

The way of using Japanese ink sticks is quite easy just like using children's crayons. The quality for the ink stick depends mainly on the type of wood that is used for the soot. This video provides a practical demo of using ink sticks.

Hi, I'm from Calico Studio in London. What I have here? I have here a Japanese ink stick. This is a black ink stick.

You can get different drying colors, and it works exactly same way. Japanese ink stick is a very high quality ink stick. It works very well for calligraphy and it has been used for hundreds of years.

When you're doing Japanese ink stick, it's first good, and it's a very easy way to do. This will take for a couple of minute or less. You will take a drop of water.

Don't need the ink in large, you only need to feed the pen for maybe a page of two. I have put into here maybe ten drops of water or less. I will take my ink stick and I will prompt the ink just going backward and forward.

I will prompt the ink when ink will be thicker. First, the sound will be very grindy, you will hear it's not thick enough. You need to prompt the ink, it may be round in the half minute or 30 seconds.

This is like meditation before you're starting to do your calligraphy. Very good ink sticks usually have a nice smell, which gives a good feeling to start in writing. Now, you will see the ink in creamier and very short and enthusiastic to start to write.

When you finish your ink, take a paper and make sure your ink stick is dry. Otherwise, the water will go inside the ink stick. Make sure your ink stick will be dry, otherwise it will crack.

This is how to make your ink. .