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How To Use Chicken Manure

How To Use Chicken Manure

If you've got some hens in your backyard, don't just tip their poo into the flowers, it can kill them. Get advice on using chicken manure from Suzie, who has experience with her poultry.

The best thing do is to compost it down. Never use chicken poo in its natural form on your garden directly because it will scorch the plants, it's just too rich. The best thing is to make yourself a compost area.

Obviously, I've got lots of chickens, and mine's huge, and it's as simple as some posts with some corrugated sheets on. And up here, this will take around a year to rot down into some really nice compost which we can pop back onto the land. It's a mixture of straw, which is their bedding, obviously, and chicken poo, and it rots down really nicely, and is perfectly safe then to pop back onto your garden.

If you've already got your own composting bin, you can just add your bedding and your chicken poo all in, and carry on as you are doing, with the added benefit of some chicken poo in there. As far as I know, there's no way to speed the process up, it isn't something I've looked into, I just let nature do its own thing, and I'm quite happy to wait. So, remember, don't ever use chicken poo in its natural state straight onto your flowers, it will scorch them, make yourself a nice compost area if you haven't got one already, pop it in with the bedding and let nature take its course, and you will be rewarded with some lovely compost in about a years' time.

And that's how to use chicken manure. This is just one of the many tips derived from my book, The Essential Guide to Choosing and Keeping Happy, Healthy Hens. .