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How To Use Clippers To Cut A Man's Hair

How To Use Clippers To Cut A Man's Hair

Pall Mall Barber Shop gives an in-depth lesson about using clippers to cut a man's hair in this video tutorial. This shows cutting a man's hair from beginning to end, explaining each step and introducing the equipment needed to complete the job.

Hi. In today's video, I'm going to show you how to use clippers to cut a man's hair. For this, you're going to need some clippers and a comb.

Okay, the first thing to do is to make sure your clippers are well oiled so that it doesn't clog the hair up, and two is the clipper grade, this is a number three. Make sure it's attached properly so that it doesn't fall off because you don't want to be putting a big bald spot in his head. Make sure the head is upright and straight and I'm going to start by just coming in and just working against the hair there, going all the way to the top, just going against the hair so you get a bit of resistance against it.

Move the ear, then come up that way and just gently work your way around, starting from the bottom, work your way to the top. Now, come around on the other side and do exactly the same thing, just work all the way to the top. Right now, we come around to the front and just work your way back moving up to the crown.

And then your next section, just work your way back again. And then, with this crown section, because the hair grows in different directions, the best thing to do is just keep going against the hair. And on this side, go against it again.

Right, and once you've done that, just kind of go around again, make sure you've got all the hair, just going against the hair. Move the ear out of the way to just get that bit above the ear. Then, come back around to the top, just going in the opposite direction just to make sure you've got all the hair cut off.

And now, back around to the other side, just going up against the hair again. Alright, let's get down and have a look in the mirror to check any long ones you can see on that. Right now, what we're going to do, I'm going to put a lower grade on this, put a number 2 on this, I'm just going to just go around the edges, just so it's a little bit shorter, and just get a nicer taper, just above the hairline.

Just work all the way around doing that. Right now, I'm going to come in with a number two, just a bit shorter than a three, obviously. I'm just going to flick around the hairline.

Just so it's a slight bit shorter, we need to just get a nice finish on it, get a nicer taper right around the hairline. Just gently flick it on the hairline there. Don't go in too heavy otherwise you'll get a real heavy line around there.

Right, once you've done that, next thing to do is get these little neck clippers and you're just going to come around and tidy these sideburns up. Then you're just going to nicely line out all around the edges. Just give it a nice finish.

Just move the ear out of the way, just get the hair behind it and just taper this nape of the neck there. Just get that a little bit shorter, just for that nice finish around the edges, right, and on this front bit here, just kind of go in gently on this fringe not to put a heavy line in or anything, just to kind of trim all those loose hairs off the front of the fringe. You don't want to go in too high otherwise you'll have a real sort of blunt line at the front.

Right now, I'm just going to get the hair dryer and just blow some of the hair off just to see if there are any loose ones on there. Right now, I'm just going to go with a number three, just go back over it again just to see if there is any long hair, any ones I've missed on there. Kind of get down to eye level as well, just to see if there are any hairs sticking up.

Okay, as that's done, and then what you just need to do is get a bit of talcum powder, just put it on the brush, and then brush him down. And there you are, all done. Okay, and that's how to use clippers to cut a man's hair. .