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How To Use Crimping Pliers

How To Use Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers are pretty handy in cutting and dealing with wires. This tutorial is really easy and helpful for understanding its working when you use it at home.

So today, I am using the crimper because we have big proper crimper here and this is a crimping through which is also handy for cutting, for wire stripping. It's also good to have a lot more, smaller than this crimper although it has got more strength and it is easy to use. It is a lot heavier.

So, to use a crimper, you get two bits of wire. You get it into crimp like this and put it over the wire. There is a red setting, blue setting and a yellow setting.

The red setting is for the red crimps over here. The blue setting is for these ones. So, I am using the blue in this example.

So, you just get it in there and you squeeze all the way. Then you turn it round to the other side and squeeze that way. So, if the pliers are alright, mount some pressure on the crimps.

Well now, see, we have this multi-combination crimper and so you can cut the wire with the ends, like this and then you've got two holes where you can strip the wire. So, you can put in one of the holes and pull like that and if you are using red, put in crimping side and squeeze nice and tight. So, it would be like this.

That's how we use the crimping pliers. .