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How To Use Curlers

How To Use Curlers

This video, hosted by Andrew Jose, provides a short demonstration of how to curl hair using heated rollers. It presents tips and tricks as well as an overview of the basic technique.

Hello, my name's Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon on Charlotte Street, London. How to curl hair using heated rollers? Today, I'm here with Sonny, who's a senior stylist at the Andrew Jose Salon in London, and we're going to show you how to place heated rollers into the hair. The first tip is put them on a long time before you want to use them, because they're most successful when they're hot, and they're quite an old-fashioned technology so they take quite a while to heat up.

So, at least half an hour before, get them real hot. First of all, take about an inch section on the crown for the largest roller, fold over the hair, and the hair will be gripped by the rubber on the barrel of the curler. You can see there that Sonny passes it right down.

Now, in a hair dressing salon, the original clips that come with heated rollers don't ever exist. They disappear; it's a law about an hour after we receive them. If you find that that's exactly the same with your own, then just use a Kirby grip and perhaps you could grip the other side this time just so the camera can see.

That's it, fold it in, turn, twist, tight to the head, then take the Kirby grip, slide next to the scalp, and into the hold at the end of the roller, and that secures the roller very, very firmly. One more. Now, depending on the type of curl you want will depend on how long you want to keep them in.

So there's a little bit of a trial and error, a little bit of experimenting with which way you want to curl the hair, and what's the size of the curl that you actually want. Perfect. There we are.

Just tuck that one on, see you just get that little bit into the hair. Can you just smooth that under for me? Good. How to curl hair using heated rollers. .